Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Junk For Christmas Challenge 2008

Year after year, before I begin my x-mas shopping, I tell myself, "this year I am not going to spend over my budget," and year after year I do just that. I enjoy gifting and set out to find the perfect item for each member of the family, the problem is I never think it is enough and usually will add a little of this and a little of that. Before I know it, the budget is history and the trunk of the car is brimming with stuff.

This year I have decided to do things a little different. You see one thing that has become painfully clear over the last couple months of diving is that we all have too much stuff. So much so that we are all guilty of tossing away perfectly operational items simply because we don't want it or we already possess three of them and don't need the fourth. Or we are throwing away items that need a little glue, some polish, or simply a little elbow grease. It is much more convenient to replace said item than to waste our valuable time repairing, isn't it?

This year as a statement to the squanderous nature of our consumer culture, I will only be gifting items I have scavenged or reclaimed from the refuse pile.

These items can be handmade as long as the materials used in there construction are of the scavenged nature. I know, many of you are thinking I'm a cheapskate and are busy wishing my family luck while wondering where to send your condolences. Fear not, these gifts will not only be of superior quality but they will also be well thought out and carefully chosen for each persons individual tastes.

Check back for updates on my progress leading up to x-mas and be sure to visit in the New Year to see what items I unearth in pursuit of the perfect x-mas gift.

This snowman, which my daughter named Joe, was found in a dumpster within a box with a smushed corner. I'm happy to report there was nothing wrong with Joe.

Please feel free to take part in the Junk For Christmas Challenge 2008. You can tell us all about your plans in the comments below, and remember there are no lineups at the dump.


Evelyn said...

I commend you! And I can't wait to see what you come up with!

I also love to "repurpose" things that I get from garage sales or thrift stores (no dumpster diving for me... yet). My favorite this year is to take old sheets and sew them into reusable grocery bags. It feels like winning twice! :-)

cathee said...

i think that this a great idea! i think that it will be both fun and thoughtful.

we don't celebrate christmas but solstice and have decided to have a family experience of travel rather then stuff.

i think that an argument could be made that this is still consuming... but at least i don't have to have a house full of s*#! that my kids really don't need. not to mention all the packaging.

i love that others are coming up with ideas for their family celebrations that don't include consuming!
have a fun holiday everyone!

printtroll said...

Very cool. We decided to make everything we give this year out of fabric from the thrift store. Everyone on our list will get a funkadelic reusable grocery bag and a few other items made from some leftovers. No more plastic crap.

Oh and for some reason Blogger won't let anyone see who I am when I post and won't let me in to change that so here is my site: http://www.myrenewablelife.com

Heidi's Loft said...

Awesome. Well the dumps are well guarded around here. Probably due to the treasure hunters but I don't see why that would be a problem. Dumpsters usually have locks but I am keeping my eyes peeled.