Monday, December 1, 2008

Land of Misfit Toys

With Xmas soon upon us all, the stores have the carols cranked, the cart castors greased, and enough Santa shrines to make any child question the old man's existence. After all, how could someone so important be booked to appear in every mall nation wide simultaneously? With all this cheer in the air only one question still remains. "What about the misfit toys?" I've been noticing a trend growing as the rush ensues where more and more items are being thrown away simply because they are not appealing, and perhaps because they may be difficult to wrap.

Just this evening I discovered these three Pottery Wheel Craft Kits. Upon inspection, all is in order with the exception of the packaging. These three luckily were saved from the...
Land of the Misfit Toys.
I'm sure little Bobby or little Suzy wouldn't have even noticed the small crinkle in the box with all the excitement of anticipated artistic discovery.

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