Sunday, December 21, 2008

It Never Rains But Poors

Do I really need to shower every day? Well, probably if I want to maintain any relationships or continue being employed. However on a physical sense frequent bathing is actually detrimental to your skin and hair’s condition as soaps strip away natural oils your body was designed to make use of. Many years ago it was common practice and widely excepted to only wash your hair once a week or even longer. Ritualistic brushing took place before bed to remove any debris, which also served to condition the hair. The cat and many other mammals like it clean themselves by licking their own fur, and these creatures are very soft. Now I don't recommend anyone take up the practice of licking themselves clean but I do encourage everyone to examine WHY they do the things they do. Perhaps some of us may decide to shower every other day saving half of the water we would typically use.

PS. Be sure to wash your hands after divin'. It's worth the water.

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