Monday, April 27, 2009


My last trip to the landfill had me leaving with a new mantra and some new baggage.

One of my good friends and fellow scavengers, a.k.a. Trashcan Superman, has shared his slogan with me on many occasions and though I have found it to be accurate in the past, I hesitated to adopt it as my own, until now. It is a simple yet ironic view but accurate nonetheless.


It works like this... I'm in a skip looking through detritus when the weather changes and the wind picks up. Being that I'm at a landfill, the wind tends to pick up any loose debris and thrust it at you like a giant sand blaster. This makes vision a luxury only afforded to those who have come prepared. I try to always be prepared when scavenging but this time I was caught off guard. Luckily, THE DUMP PROVIDES, and as I looked down to find some footing I saw before me a bright blue box containing a wonderful pair of safety glasses that fit great, saving me from losing an eye to a flying bread tag.
I've found unopened bottled water when I thirst, a wheel for my office chair a day after one breaks at home, a toque and jacket just as I start to shiver, a flashlight as it gets too dark to see. The list could go on forever. Just as you have a need for something, you turn around and it's there. It's almost as if the wasteful being who tossed the item knew you were going to need it and very generously donated it to your cause. That must be it, they knew if they left those glasses at the curb for pick up on Wednesday that someone in need would find them just in the knick of time on a Saturday evening while rummaging through the rest of their trash. Bless their little hearts.

While there I also came away with a great hiking pack, a couple drums, two tambourines, a small xylophone and a set of dice to name a few. The hiking pack had tags on it telling a bit of its story. Bought in Vancouver, packed and flown to Honolulu, where it probably stayed in the hotel room, re-packed and flown back to Vancouver. Moved to this area and was discarded. Priced out, this bag is worth $50-$90. My win!

P.S. Another good mantra shared with me while scavenging... "He who digs, prospers." This is also very true. Thanks Ron.

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Anonymous said...

Reminds me of something I heard lately: The "Just in Time" versus "Just in Case" way of thinking. you can imagine who creates more garbage.