Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Saving The World Is an Endless Job

Once again I have found myself saving the world from being burried within the countless layers of our trash. The best part is how easy it was to clean up the planet. If only the real job of cleaning up this world was as easy.

If we all do our part the clean up doesn't have to be a painful process. And eventualy we should be able to shift our focus from clean up to complete initial recovery within a zero waste environment..


Anonymous said...

are you going to participate in "no garbage february"? i think that it is a great idea for people to see that it can be easy to live greener/ how are it would be nice if it wasn't just for a month.

fig fighter said...

We strive for a "no garbage everyday" unfortunately the deck has been stacked against us some what. It seems it is almost impossible to purchase produce free of wrapping, especially organic produce. Bread is always in a bag. Not a single bulk store in town has a system for allowing bulk in reusable containers. Everything we do need seems to be double or triple packed.

I would love for everyone to achieve a "no garbage month" however it will be a while before the producer changes the way it prepares its product for distribution.

It is a knobble cause and I commend all who try. Inevitably something will be learned form the act. Eventually producers will climb aboard too.