Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Beginning

As of late trash has become an obsession of mine. It all started a month ago when a good friend suggested I join him on a trip to the local dump. We knew the dump would be closed but it didn't matter as we weren't making the trip to deposit our previously consumed items we were on a mission to unearth hidden treasures. I was skeptical and reluctant at first and my willingness to climb into the dumpsters was only overcome by the prospect of a good find. Before long I was knee deep in it and came away with a few great items.

A modest haul for my first scavenging trip. The side cutters still had the tag on them and work great. The tool belt was in great shape and even came with a pocket full of nails. I grabbed the insides out of an old lamp with hopes to someday build my own. The candle holder was cute and I thought it could be a component to a gift. The milk crate, well we'll get to that later.

After the first trip I found myself thinking of all the possibilities and started plotting my next logical step. Research seemed like the way to go so I made an excursion to the local library and searched for anything and everything to do with garbage, trash, recycling, found object art, the environment, and on and on. I was dissatisfied with the selection before me so I enlisted the help of a couple skilled librarians, unfortunately their national search engines didn’t turn up much more than what we had in front of us. Upon returning home I searched the internet for references on these topics, you don’t want to know what the word “trash” turned up. After a few long hours I decided it wasn’t the way I was searching that was holding me back. The reality is, there just isn’t much out there to find. This is when I decided it was time to start blogging.

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